Miriam’s Basket First Delivery

Hello Everyone! This has been a very special day for Miriam’s Basket!!! We helped our first child today!!!!! A little girl 5 years old. We were able to give her 5 outfits, pj’s, socks, underwear, and a pink teddy bear.

You have no idea how awesome it was to make our first delivery. It went with prayers of blessings for the little girl and the family she is now with. (And a LOT of tears from me after I left.)

Continue to keep us in your prayers! This is the first of MANY deliveries yet to be made!!!! Clothes are coming in several times a week now and the racks and shelves are filling up!!!! In a few days I will have pics posted of what went in to our first delivery bag, so watch for them. Thank you for your support!!! I am so grateful!!!!

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